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Peter, Fiona and Maya

Peter Parker and his two grandchildren; Fiona & Maya

A Message from Peter Parker:

I want you to know I’m not like most agents, I’m very different, and I’m not a typical Real Estate agent.  I’m not looking to just sell your home; I’m looking to negotiate a settlement with your bank, which is a very different skill set from just putting the home on the market and getting a buyer.  That’s the easy part.  The hard part is actually negotiating a settlement that’s fair for you on behalf of you.  So sure you could go find any agent to list your home on the market and find a buyer, but if you don’t have any equity your concern isn’t that they find a buyer who can get you the highest price but who can get me out with the least amount of liability.  So who can actually get the bank to approve your short sale with the best terms possible?  That’s the question you need to be asking yourself when doing a short sale and not just focusing on “well I need to get the highest price possible so I am going to use the agent who listed 100 properties last year”….

So the other thing I want to put out is that over the last couple of years I have looked at the statistics and only 2 or 3 out of ten short sale listings will actually close, now this isn’t because the agents cannot  find a buyer, that’s the easy part like I explained earlier, the reason the rest foreclose because the homeowners use an “agent” to sell their home and the reality is if they are doing a short sale you don’t just need an agent, you need someone who knows how to negotiate debt with the bank and knows how to get them to give you the best terms possible such as a full release of liability, to make sure there is no cash contribution, to make sure that you don’t have to accept an unsecured note for the balance of the loss.  Most agents assume that you have to have an unsecured note or cash contribution if the bank asks for it.  So there is a very big difference between working with an agent and working with someone who knows how to settle a debt.

A short sale is not a real estate transaction as much as it is a debt negotiation.  An agent would be fine if you just want them to list your home and find a buyer, but if you really want to avoid foreclosure you need an agent who has also been trained to negotiate with the bank and understands the games the bank is playing and knows how to get the bank to release you of liability, understands how to get rid of an unsecured note, knows how to push back to get the bank to not require a cash contribution and to not go after your 401k and other retirement accounts.  So the difference between another agent and me is that I actually know how to negotiate with the banks.  Most agents list the property, find a buyer and submit that offer to the bank and that’s about the extent of their experience, knowledge and understanding.  My experience, knowledge and understanding goes beyond that, when the bank sends us a counter offer or responds with a term that’s not good for you I will go and push back on the bank and explain to them how this is not a good deal for you, how you would be better off foreclosing if there is not benefit for you short sale vs. foreclosure.  I’m on your side and will not push for a short sale unless there is a benefit in it for you versus allowing the property to foreclose.

A Little Bit About Me…

There are literally thousands of Realtors to choose from, so why choose me?

Because you will find that more than with any other factor, your satisfaction and success in real estate will be based on the quality of your relationship with your Realtor.  While my sales effectiveness and experience is confirmed by several regional awards, I’d like you to look at and listen to the many client testimonials found here – you’ll find that they describe me as honest, trustworthy, hardworking, creative, easy to work with, committed and accessible, feeling to them like a good friend who also happens to be a proven real estate expert concerned with their needs more than my own.

I was an elementary classroom teacher for ten years before I became a Realtor, and with my wife of twenty four years, I have raised two children, and am now thrilled to be helping raise  two grandchild.  I am the President of the Board of Trustees of my church and have been featured in many local theater and storytelling productions, as well as the independent movie “Sounds”.  Visit www.SoundsTheMovie.com for more info and a peek at the trailer, a behind the scenes clip and production photos.  It’ll give you a chuckle, and you won’t laugh alone…it won 3 awards – 2 Gold and 1 Silver – at the 2008 Houston WorldFest International Film Festival, and 3 more at the 2008 West Hollywood International Film Festival, so call me now before Hollywood (or Bollywood) beats you to me!

Last of all, to state the obvious, I am the only Sacramento area Realtor with the name of a world known Superhero – when you work with me that will be something you can tell YOUR grandchildren about!  To wrap up, in addition to the usual range of helping clients in selling and purchasing residential and investment properties, I have a much broader range of experience than most Realtors, having worked on infill and rehabilitation projects and contributed to the design and management of several new home subdivisions, so please let me know how I can help you.  I’d love to have you join the good company of my many happy clients.

My Areas of Expertise

Bank owned homes, pre-foreclosure homes, short sales, distress sales, REO homes, investment properties, relocation specialist, first time home buyers, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Sacramento and the greater Sacramento area, Placer County, Sacramento County, El Dorado County, single family homes, foreclosure avoidance, new homes.,