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Short Sale Success!

12 Jan

“…commit to Peter Parker and his associates, because they will take care of you….”

-Yanni Smyrni, former owner of 43618 Galewood Way in Carmichael, a satisfied short sale client

Galewood property photo

Galewood Property Photo

Please take a moment to listen to a Q&A session with one of Peter’s short sale clients where he describes why doing a short sale was the best option for him and his family and why Peter Parker was the absolute right agent to handle it.


Lambs, Cows and Horses, Oh My!

20 Apr

For a great outing, in Spring or any time of the year, come visit the
Raphael Garden in Fair Oaks.  Conveniently located on Fair Oaks Blvd between
San Juan and Sunrise, a short walk from the Rudolf Steiner College parking
lot takes you into a wonderful world that seems surprisingly far away from
the whizzing cars and bustle you just left behind.  Six young lambs enjoy
the lush grass with their mothers, a friendly white horse loves the handfuls
of grass or rose hips you offer, and Mona the calf loves to rub her head
(and horns, parental discretion advised) on your leg. Mona’s mother Bella
usually just likes to be petted. Chickens, bees, ducks and the incredible
garden all await you.  Come by any Thursday around lunch time and you’ll
probably see me and my granddaughter Maya – she’ll be eager to welcome you