Foreclosure Timeline


California Foreclosure Timeline

Typical timeline for a non-judicial California foreclosure.


Foreclosure Process Timeline – California

NOTICE OF DEFAULT – The foreclosure process is consider officially begun once a Notice of Default is recorded with your county.  Generally lenders can file this Notice of Default once a borrower is 91 days delinquent.  Does this mean that the lender will file a Notice of Default once a borrower is 91 days delinquent?  NO.  We have seen cases where a borrower has been 2+ years delinquent before a Notice of Default has been filed, so the the 90 day guideline is just that, a guideline.

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE – The next step in the process is a filing of the Notice of Trustee Sale.  A lender must wait 90 days after filing a Notice of Default before filing the Notice of Trustee Sale.  The Notice of Trustee Sale gives the borrower notice of an impending foreclosure sale at public auction, the notice must give a minimum of 21 days after the Notice of Trustee Sale before they can sell the property at public auction.

TRUSTEE SALE – A trustee sale is a public auction held at the county courthouse.  Generally one of three things will happen once you have reached this point.

  • The property will sell to a third party (i.e. an investor)
  • The property will revert back to the bank
  • The trustee sale will be postponed

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